Why Choose Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood?

Preserve a piece of history today

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood LLC has been recycling centuries old wood from Ohio barns since 1988, supplying quality old growth lumber, timbers, flooring and finish materials to some of the finest homes and commercial projects in the United States.

Respecting the workmanship put into these pieces of American history, we carefully process our reclaimed wood to preserve the elegance and natural beauty found only in wood from old growth trees.

Why Build with Barn Wood?

The look of aged, antique lumber and timbers has a warm and welcoming quality. From golden brown to light gray patinas, there's something soothing in this old wood. Reclaimed wood offers you products from the best of our natural resources - grown, harvested, salvaged, and repurposed in the USA.

What to Expect from Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood


Experience: We have been working with interior designers, architects and specialty contractors since 1988. We help you meet or exceed your customers' expectations.

Custom Work: We offer milling, horizontal band saw services, and fabricated items.

Service: We will work with you from concept to delivery. Put our knowledge to work to help make your projects a total success, from getting the right products specified to on-time delivery to the job site.

Quality: We provide project-ready materials that improve productivity and reduce waste.

Go Green: Using reclaimed materials not only provides a unique and beautiful piece of old growth wood, it is helpful to the environment by reducing the need to harvest new trees and process them.


Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood Products

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood LLC has been recycling centuries old wood from Ohio barns since 1988, supplying quality old growth lumber, timbers, flooring and finish materials to some of the finest homes and commercial projects in the United States.

  • Barn Siding: 100% usable, job-ready barn siding
  • Boarding: 200,000 feet of boarding
  • Beams: 150,000 feet of beam

Our reclaimed barn wood is pressure washed, surface nails removed, chlorinated, and insecticide treated. We store a large inventory under roof protected from the elements at our yard in Northeast Ohio.

Our History

We locate old barns that no longer fit modern day farm operations. Respecting the workmanship put in to these pieces of American History, we dismantle these structures carefully. Trying to save as many of the precious wood product so it can be brought back to life in this age as a keepsake to the future owner.

Growing up on our Ohio farm, I spent hours in our 1860 barn dreaming of how those hand beams were made. After doing some research, I was amazed to learn the work it took to recover these Ohio first growth trees. The technique of hand hewing them into beams, which was passed down by our pioneers was used in our barn. I was so sad to see the old barn deteriorate to rubble because of the lack maintenance from our Ohio seasons.

In my twenties I purchased and remodeled the old farm house in which I was raised. The under carriage of the house was weak so I replaced it with some of the beams from that old barn.

The next 20 years I had many joys and heartaches while repairing and saving old structures. Throughout the 1970’s and 80’s farmers called for foundation, structure, roof repairs. To this day I have an inner glow when I see the buildings that I raised and replaced foundations or replace main structural beams to keep the historical landmarks alive.

In the 1990’s the old timber frame barn were impractical for modern farm operations. Farmers could build new buildings for less than the cost to repair the old timber frames. That is when I decided; out with the new and in with the old and that is when I began stepping into my next adventure in life with Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood. The scope of work was not to save the complete structure but to purchase, dismantle and be savvy to save as many precious pieces of these 100-200 years old heirlooms as possible.

Specializing in high quality hand hewn beams and timbers is what we enjoy most. However we mill many specialty products. It takes a lot of hard, time consuming work to retrieve these authentic barns. At the end of the day I just grin to myself thinking how intriguing it must have been for our pioneers to build them.

Our philosophy is not to be the largest reclaimed wood company. However we are the small reclaimed wood company who will deliver top quality material to architects, builders, and home owners with pride.

Our motto is reflected from our forefathers “treat people right and you will meet new friends who will tell their friends”. That is how this company will continue to grow.

Contact us today to purchase your top quality nostalgic piece of history.

“Our reclaimed wood will bring an elegance of natural beauty to your special project that you can hand down for several generations”

I am personally looking forward to doing business with you,

- Gary Smith

President and CEO of Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood