Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams

Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood offers Original High Quality Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams. Using our Vintage Reclaimed Barn Beams is a great way to improve the look of any ceiling while adding strength to the overall structure. Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams add a natural and classy look to any home, office or building. They are great material options for renovations and new builds alike.

Ceiling beams are solid reclaimed wood beams and are load bearing. They are appealing to the eye as well as functional. They are heavier than faux beams because they are sound whole old growth beams. Since they have been in an old barn for many, many decades they have already dried and cracked, there will be no more twisting, cracking or splitting - what you see is what you get. We clean and inspect all of the wood we remove from the barns after we dismantle them, preserving nothing but the best pieces. All rotten, molded or damaged materials are rejected on the spot.

We have a great stock of Ceiling Beams which we can cut to your project's specifications.

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