Axis Pro 9

If you need a rugged, durable performance floor, you need the AXIS PRO9 Collection. PRO9 comes in a wide 9-inch x 60-inch plank, enhanced by cut and painted beveled edges, and natural looking embossed in register textures.

Color Options

Aged Oak




Tahoe Natural

Timber Bay

Type SPC Multi-Layered
Total Thickness with IXPE Attached Pad 6.0mm
Width 9 inches (8.77 inches)
Length 60 inches
Wearlayer 20mils
Embossing EIR/Embossed in Register
Edges/Ends Profiles Cut & Painted Beveled Edges
Pieces per Carton 6 Pieces per Carton
Square Feet per Carton 21.95 Square Feet per Carton
Weight per Carton 42.92 Pounds per Carton
Cartons per Pallet 72 Cartons per Pallet
Square Feet per Pallet 1,580.37 Square Feet per Pallet
Weight per Pallet 3,161.33 Pounds per Pallet
Number of Pallets per 20′ Container 13 Pallets per 20′ Container
Square Feet per Container 20,545 Square Feet per Container
Weight per Container 41,097