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Come visit our showroom in Bellville Ohio and see the great selection of fireplace mantels, ceiling beams both solid hand hewn and faux hollow beams, reclaimed barn siding, hardwood flooring, doors and stair step treads, counter tops and vanities, tables, shelves, memorial crosses and much more… Below are a few examples of how using reclaimed wood can help you achieve the look and feel for your home or office.

Fireplace Mantels:

We are proud to be the largest supplier of top quality reclaimed wood fireplace mantels in Ohio!

There are endless possibilities with Reclaimed Wood Mantels! Contact us with the details of your project and we can send you an e-mail with pictures of different mantel styles that might fit your need. We can also schedule a viewing of our show room and lumberyard by request. You’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! We have every size ranging from great big lodge style mantels, medium statement maker mantels and small cabin conversation starter mantels. Your fireplace mantel is a unique piece of history and can be the focal point in your home.

So, what do you envision for your home or business? Contact Us with your needs!

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood has over 200 top quality reclaimed wood mantels in our warehouse and showroom. Most of our reclaimed fireplace mantels are handpicked from mid-1800’s Ohio barns. You can personally select your one of a kind authentic reclaimed mantel and take it back to its special new home today!

fireplace mantel reclaimed barn wood fireplace mantel stone and wood fireplace reclaimed lumber mantel reclaimed lumber fireplace mantel fireplace mantel showroom reclaimed wood fireplace mantel showroom patriotic fireplace with barn lumber mantel

Faux Fireplace Mantels:

For situations where weight savings is a major concern, we make hollow fireplace mantels to fit the area you need! Most people are challenged to distinguish the difference as our hollow mantels are top quality! Available in a wide range of finishes and styles, we can custom-craft the exact look you want for your home or business!

Contact Us to discuss your needs

hollow fireplace mantels from reclaimed barn wood faux hollow fireplace mantel

Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams:

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood offers Original High Quality Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams. Using our Vintage Reclaimed Barn Beams is a great way to improve the look of any ceiling while adding strength to the overall structure. Hand Hewn Ceiling Beams add a natural and classy look to any home, office or building. They are great material options for renovations and new builds alike. Our beams can be used for many other projects such as pergolas, beds, newel posts and much more!

Hand Hewn Ceiling beams are solid reclaimed wood beams and are heavy. They are appealing to the eye as well as functional. They are heavier than faux beams because they are sound whole old growth beams. Since they have been in an old barn for many, many decades they have already dried and cracked — what you see is what you get which is part of the mass appeal of these beams. We clean and inspect all of the wood we remove from the barns after we dismantle them, preserving nothing but the best pieces. All rotten, molded or damaged materials are rejected on the spot.

We have a great stock of Reclaimed Wood Ceiling Beams which we can cut to your project’s specifications. Open by appointment only. Contact Us!

hand hewn ceiling beams from reclaimed barn lumber hand hewn ceiling beams reclaimed lumber hand hewn ceiling beams recycled barn lumber hand hewn ceiling beams hand made ceiling beams from old barns ceiling made from reclaimed barn lumber

Faux Beams:

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood offers Handmade Faux Beams (also known as decorative rafters, fake beams or box, or hollow beams). Using Faux Beams is a great way to improve the look of any ceiling, column, accent wall or structure. These well crafted Faux Beams add a natural and classy look to any home, office or building. They are great material options for renovations and new builds alike.

Handmade faux beams are built with the following characteristics:

Reclaimed wood is milled to ¾” thickness and then we re-hand hew the planks (by hand and not by a machine in our facility) to get great looking ax cut markings.

Professional miter lock Corners and Seams. (Hollow in the center.)

Here with Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood, you will see NO foam plastic or composite material beams! We craft natural looking pieces to give you the authentic design you have been searching for. You will find they have more character than any other faux beam because of the uniqueness (bug scarring, checking, nail-peg holes, and definition of the wood grain.)

Advantages of Purchasing Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood Faux Beams

Custom Stain Matching/Blending Available Upon Request.

We will create your Faux Beams to your project’s specifications. Call, email or come for a visit, we would love to help you achieve your reclaimed wood vision for your home or business. Contact Us!

faux beams custom made how does a faux beam work faux beam covering wood

Our Hollow Wood Faux Beams will install with 70% less labor than Solid Wood Beams of the same size!

faux beam joined together custom hand build hollow beams faux beam exterior entranceway faux beams on home interior ceiling hollow beams living room hollow hand made beams with stone faux beam interior of house

Barn Siding Reclaimed Wood:

Weathered barn wood makes an amazing accent wall, barn door, or interior/exterior siding for homes and businesses.

Reclaimed barn siding has withstood the test of time. By barn siding, we are talking about the boards on the outside of the barn which has been weathered by all of the elements of nature for 100-200 years! This weathering brings an authentic color and texture to any project, depending on where the barn was located. Such as in a valley, full sun, on a hill, or in the woods.

A beautiful piece of barn siding cannot be duplicated, making each board one of a kind which is enriched with history and individual character.

We currently have a large amount of barn siding available, up to 5,000 ft.

It can be used on the exterior of your building project as well as the interior.

Project-Ready Top Quality Reclaimed Barn Siding

Available in a Variety of Colors, Finishes, & Sizes

Schedule a appointment and Contact Us!

old barn siding samples old barn siding samples old barn siding samples old barn siding interior wall old barn siding interior wall old barn siding ceiling curved barn siding used on interior reclaimed barn siding restaurant interior reclaimed barn siding interior wall

New Hardwood Flooring:

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood has expanded to carry even more wood flooring products for your home and business. We now offer high quality 3/4″ Plank or Engineered design by Somerset hardwood flooring. These great appealing hand-scraped and wire-brushed character that compare to the look of reclaimed wood. These can be delivered to your project location prefinished.

Visit our showroom to view our large variety of Hardwood and Waterproof Flooring at respectable low-price points.

For More information see the Somerset Site. Contact Us!

wood flooring display wood flooring dark color wood flooring sample

Doors & Stair Treads:

Customize your home or business with beautiful and unique rustic touches by adding reclaimed wood barn doors or stair treads.

Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood is proud to offer the talents of our carpenters to create a custom built door or stair treads using our vast amount of in-stock reclaimed timber and siding. Visit our showroom, call or email us and we will work with you to help make your dream a reality! Contact us here!

barn sliding door reclaimed barn lumber barn door mounted in brick wall barn doors made from old barn wood sliding barn door for closet reclaimed lumber barn door stairway built with reclaimed barn lumber staircase made with old barn wood interior barn door made of reclaimed wood

Countertops & Vanities:

Change the surfaces of your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities to beautiful and customized functional pieces.

All tops are made specifically to your projects needs. We will glue, sand and size any counter top or bar top to your design specifications. You can also choose stain, finish and species of reclaimed wood. We customize every order always creating a unique, one-of-a-kind product. Contact us with your needs!


Wood is quickly becoming a favored source for countertops among today’s consumers. Need a fresh feel in your kitchen without renovating the whole room? Updating your countertops with beautiful reclaimed wood will bring you a completely new atmosphere!


Want to add the “master suite” feel to your bathroom? Allow your mind to envision the unparalleled beauty of natural wood lighting up the room. Your aspirations are more attainable than you may think. We are passionate about our work and will work along side you, making the ideal vanity for your design.

Reclaimed barn wood bathroom vanity barn wood bathroom vanity old barn wood kitchen counter

Tables and Shelves:

Tired of press board and glue furnishings? Authentic reclaimed wood tables and shelves make the perfect focal point for your home or office.

If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call for a custom quote.

Make your kitchen table a talking piece! Tables and benches are always hand made custom to your liking. Tables can be made from different species of reclaimed barn lumber.

We carry a nice selection of reclaimed wood shelving.

Custom cut to your thickness and length.

Ready for you to install. Contact us with your needs!

Barn wood countertop reclaimed barn wood vanity live edge table reclaimed barn lumber reclaimed barn lumber table reclaimed barn lumber kitchen table reclaimed barn lumber dining room table table built with reclaimed barn lumber reclaimed barn lumber table reclaimed barn lumber table reclaimed barn lumber table repurposed barn wood shelving reclaimed barn wood shelves

Memory Crosses:

Look to that old rugged cross, whether you want to memorialize a loved one or decorate your church or home. We can customize your decorative wooden cross to meet your needs.

Hand Built Here on site, in the Heartland of America!

Whether you are looking for an Easter Cross, an 8 Foot cross for your church, a memorial cross as a piece for a loved one, a beloved pet or just a decorative cross, whatever your ambition may be, here at Ohio Valley Reclaimed Wood we are determined to make the ideal cross for you! We offer some of the most unique handmade crosses you’ve yet to see. All sizes, from many different species of reclaimed wood. Not a single one is the same, every cross has its own character. You have to see them to truly experience the presence these gorgeous crosses hold within them.

The typical species of reclaimed wood we use for your crosses are: Pine, Oak, Elm, Sycamore and Hickory. For an additional charge we will gladly make you a cross from our RARE species of reclaimed wood, which are Cherry and Chestnut.

Please Contact us with any questions or if you would like to set up a viewing.

memory cross for memorial reclaimed lumber church cross reclaimed barn lumber memory cross barn lumber cross in church beveled edge wooden cross

Custom Lumber Milling:

Have a project that requires extra attention to detail? We can help!

Contact us with your project needs and we will provide you with a quote on our lumber milling services.

We custom build your project using our reclaimed wood ready for installation!

Veteran owned using all USA Made materials