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Barn Siding Reclaimed Wood:

Weathered barn wood makes an amazing accent wall, barn door, or interior/exterior siding for homes and businesses.

Reclaimed barn siding has withstood the test of time. By barn siding, we are talking about the boards on the outside of the barn which has been weathered by all of the elements of nature for 100-200 years! This weathering brings an authentic color and texture to any project, depending on where the barn was located. Such as in a valley, full sun, on a hill, or in the woods.

A beautiful piece of barn siding cannot be duplicated, making each board one of a kind which is enriched with history and individual character.

We currently have a large amount of barn siding available, up to 5,000 ft.

It can be used on the exterior of your building project as well as the interior.

Project-Ready Top Quality Reclaimed Barn Siding

Available in a Variety of Colors, Finishes, & Sizes

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We custom build your project using our reclaimed wood ready for installation!

Veteran owned using all USA Made materials